What sort of Music does your dog like to listen to? We have all the answers!

If, like us, you ask yourself daily whether the radio you leave on when you go out helps or hinders you pet’s going about their daily business, of if Mr Tibbles really likes Rihanna as much as you then we are here to let you know that…. No, probably not.

Does this dog look happy to you?!

New research has been conducted by the University of Wisconsin- Madison has concluded that whilst dogs do respond to musical stimulus, they prefer there own unique brand of sound, dubbed ‘species-specific music’- with a completely different pitch, tone and tempo to the music we can hear on the radio or choose to listen to. To dogs ears, this music (according to this recent study) sounds ungraspable or grating and they prefer to march to the sound of their own beat…studies show that animals generally respond to human music with a total lack of interest. With this general rule in mind, Snowdon has worked with cellist and composer David Teie to compose music which is tailored to suit the sensitive ears of our four legged friends.

Music to their ears! (you might not like it as much though)

There are some out there (namely America!) who suppose that some forms of human music is acceptable to dogs and in this spirit have even launched a canine specific radio station designed for pooches and their owners to enjoy together. Adrian Martinez, a former a record label president in Los Angeles who founded the station in 2005, said he felt there was an audience for pets and their owners together.

The station plays music 24 hours a day; Martinez says it draws 4.2 million human listeners (and presumably their pets) each week from as far as Russia and Spain. The station has been so successful Martinez is planning to launch a spin-off TV station in the fall that can be accessed through the site.

Its what the world has been waiting for... a radio station that appeals to both dogs and humans!

So there you have it, the debate as to whether your pets prefer Mariah to Kasabian, Bach to Debussy rages on… whatever the outcome, one assumes that pets like what they are used to and so proceed with whatever music you currently listen to and hope for the best!



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